If the winery began in 2001, a year later and along with (in an combined work related effort) Ramiro Jesus opened his Kitchen Workshop to create a different space with double dimensions.

  • Professional (Workshop-Laboratory): for Research, Reflection and culinary experimenting by Ramiro's group as well as counselling Business and Professional Food Gastronomists.
  • Enjoyment (Gastronomic space itself): for enjoyment and, if desided, the learning of fine foods and wine from fans and enthusiasts.

This Gastronomic space has been celebrated for the last ten years:

  • Tastings, savouring and primarily guided wine pairings but also with other drinks and food.
  • Mini-courses and kitchen showcookings with multiple modern, traditional or avant-garde cuisines.
  • Gastro-cultural activities (culinary showcase spiced with history, literature, film, etc.)
  • All these activities are always accompanied by Delicious Food-related topic.
  • Finally, our most recent project in this regard is the creation of a Kaiseki (huate cuisine) or a Private Chef Area, where diners can enjoy through a series of exclusive dinners proposals that Jesus Ramiro and his team would regularly invite different people who would like to form part of this project..

In short, it is a gap designed for a group of people to enjoy a fun, appealing and appetizing creative gastronomy rendezvous.

Through these activities we can discover the secrets of fine wines and culinary possibilities of foods of our land by courses and showcookings to find endless ideas and tricks to create imaginative dishes ... and always, if desired, we can enjoy a delicious meal around personalized plates, food and beverage who are the protagonist in this activity ... or simply through kasieki (huate cuisine).

Fran Merayo: / / 699 299 276
Jesus Ramiro Pastor:  / 639 306 279

The Director_Adviser
Jesús Ramiro Pastor
Jesús Ramiro Flores
Fran Merayo
Cook collaborator
Santi Gonzalez
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