Ramiro’s wine Project initiated in Valladolid in the year 2001 (...even though the idea surged a year earlier in San Francisco, California, over a diner banquet in which a Chef and an enologist casually met there.)

The profile and objective of our winery is to elaborate a personal and distinct wine with it’s own style superior to the guidelines established by the Regulatory Boards.

So we decided to approach the wine making process in a free spirited elaboration to obtain a different wine, special, with character and with its own personality.

Our wines are made with grapes from the Douro Valley. In this sense, Ramiro has two clear pillars in his conception of wine making by using tempranillo grapes (a variety of black grape widely grown to make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain) from the old traditional vineyards produced in the areas of Toro and Ribera del Duero.

The vineyards are located in the Toro zone that pertain to the municipality of Villafranca de Duero and Morales de Toro in the province of Zamaro in the region of Castilla y Leon. They are very small lots with a low yield. The age of the vines is over 60 years old and the soils are sandy surface with a subsoil rich in clay and iron that gives off the ph acidity that nurtures the the minerals and complexity of the wines its full red richness of the traditional wines from Toro.

In the Ribera de Duero area we looked for the coldest areas further north of Tubilla, Aguilera and Baños, to add a freshness to the wine giving it an elegant character which combines well with the strength of the vineyards of Toro. These old vineyards are still smallholdings with less than 3000 kg per hectare yield and, cooler and deeper clay-calcareous soils of higher pH, give the wine its greater fruit expression and a fine tannin. The limestone of these vineyards is essential to provide a more aromatic expression accompanying soils of Morales and Villafranca.

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